Three Grades to Suit Your Matcha Needs

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Premium 1st harvest, tender tea leaves, for a smooth, delicate, traditional matcha tea, best enjoyed with water only, or as an indulgent latte. Excellent hot or iced. 

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Organic Premium Latte Grade Matcha

Premium 1st and 2nd harvest leaves, perfect for matcha lattes with your favourite nut, soy, coconut or other plant based milks.

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Organic Culinary Grade Matcha (60g)

Premium 2nd harvest leaves, perfect for smoothies, chia puddings, or adding a green, antioxidant rich boost, to your baking

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Why Matcha Matcha

Life gains more colour when we look and feel our best.

Through the highest-quality organic Japanese matcha, Matcha Matcha provides daily matcha moments that bring wellness, indulgence, and nourishing goodness to your life, daily.

Healthy, convenient, delicious...

Ready to go green?

Starter Set

Everything you need to make the perfect matcha tea or latte. The perfect gift for your foodie or health conscious friend or family member



From scoops and whisks to purpose designed cups & bowls by NZ ceramicists. We have the right equipment to create the perfect matcha moment


Matcha Recipes

Get creative with matcha!  With so many delicious recipes incorporating this green goodness, it's hard to decide which is our favourite



Thank you so much for the gorgeous matcha of yours that I enjoy every morning. First we drink the matcha, then we do the things!


The new Antioxidant Blend - Organic Matcha Cacao is AMAZING. I am trying to cut my coffee consumption and this works so well. I haven't had any coffee since I've started drinking the Matcha Cacao last week. And it also tastes good and is easy to make.
Easy to order, delivery was super fast and Matcha Matcha has the best customer service.
Thank you Matcha Matcha!


Thank you so much for the quick delivery and great quality. I loved the Matcha Cacao.


Well I'm back for more - the antioxidant blend is a popular breakfast drink in our house! thanks!!


As a matcha lover this is the best one I have come across. The Pick Me Up Blend is a perfect sweet tasting matcha. I love to add almond milk to mine and enjoy it everyday.


Fast delivery and I love the accessories I purchased that I am going to order more.


I ordered ceremonial grade matcha. It's very delicious, smooth without any bitter taste. Thanks for your prompt delivery. I will order again and again.


I love my matcha latte everyday, best drink ever! 😍


The blend is supremely delicious, smooth, creamy, not too sweet and with a lovely deep 'earthy' flavour. It's very moorish! Just don't be tempted to have it just before bed as it is energising!


MatchaMatcha is brought to you by Food is Fuel ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. Proudly NZ Owned and Operated