White Speckled Bowl by Jinho Jeong

White Speckled Bowl by Jinho Jeong

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These spectacular white speckled latte bowls have been handmade by local potter Jinho Jeong. The neutral colour palette and timeless design of these large cups would look stunning in any kitchen.  

Diameter 98mm
Height 98mm

 *Price is for 1 Bowl

Jinho Jeong is a South Korean potter who lives and works in Auckland. He was trained at the Kyunggi University in South Korea and spent one year at Jingdezhen University in China where he was able to study the high-quality porcelain and cobalt variety to enhance his craft internationally. Jinho brings out the idea of an independent and unique characteristic on each piece of his work through colour and lines similar to how humans can be differentiated by their personality and character like a genetic map.