Latte Bowls by Galit Maxwell
Latte Bowls by Galit Maxwell

Latte Bowls by Galit Maxwell

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Stunning ceramic latte bowls handmade by NZ ceramicist, Galit Maxwell. 

Speckled clay with a clear glaze on the inside and her 'midnight' style matte glazing on the outside.
These bowls are perfect for large latte lovers, miso soup, ice cream, dips and more.


Price is for 1 bowl.

Approximate Dimensions:  7cm H x 11.5cm W

Handcrafted New Zealand Pottery
Handmade in Wellington


About Galit Maxwell.

"Clay has been part of my life on and off in the past 20 years, but in the past few years it has become my main creative passion.
I believe that when our everyday objects are made by hand from natural resources it elevates our daily tasks to rituals.
I make a wide range of tableware with the focus on an earthy appearance using a matt colour expression. The inside is usually plain clear glaze that provides a neutral background for food and drinks.
I use NZ Stoneware clay and I mix my own glazes from raw materials.
I live in Wellington, one of New Zealand's most creative hubs."