Matcha Latte Gift Set
Matcha Latte Gift Set

Matcha Latte Gift Set

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A gift to be enjoyed right now and forever - our Matcha Latte Gift Set is the perfect collection of matcha goodness. Complete with a stunning White Speckled Chawan Tea Cup designed and handmade by Auckland ceramicist, Jino Jeong. 

The basic set includes:
1 x Premium Latte Grade Matcha (~60 serves)
1 x Matcha Latte Tea Cup handmade by Auckland ceramicist, Jino Jeong

Add on our matcha accessories bundle for making the perfect matcha latte:
1 x bamboo scoop
1 x bamboo chasen (matcha whisk) 

We recommend sifting our fine, stoneground matcha as it can carry an electrostatic charge and cause clumping.